Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beer Collabo: Van Twee

Beer Log: Earlier tonight

State: Eating garlic molasses pork tenderloin with asparagus and garlic spinach

So the wife picked this up at Specs some time ago. This one poured with a frothy tan head and with a dark ruby color in my snifter glass. The smell is a kind of tart cherry. Tastes is a sweeter cherry with high carbonation with a pinch of beets, not as sour as I thought it would be. As I keep eating the garlic spinach is not working well. But the pork is doing great with this thing. The beer comes together a little better with a pinch of warming, and you get more porter character (a pinch of coffee fighting to get through). I like the sour and banana that comes out the more you drink it and now that I've polished of the veggies and am just eating the pork. This beer is extremely complex, but seems a little meandering. I know this collabo beer try to incorporate elements of each beer, but this one seems to take you for a long walk in Wonderland, and not the cool one in the Disney cartoon but the gay one in the recent movie. As a cherry juice infused beer, it doesn't hold a candle to Three Philosophers, but it's still very pleasant. I can see drinking this beer in the right circumstances, so a low 4 star for the Bells/De Proef collabo.

Good thing this was bottled by De Proef, b/c we don't get Bells at all down here. Looking forward to hitting the Live It Big Fest this weekend, and maybe a Dynamo game.
I just love Collabos

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