Monday, April 5, 2010

BeerBrotha Sports Review: Butler vs. Duke

I'm sitting here actually watchng the first hour of 24, and will be checking out the second half of the Final Two game. Just came back from one day trip to the New Orleans area for a meeting, and it looks like the somebody snuck in a new brew on me. Covington Brewhouse put together a nice Maibock for me, but I defaulted to getting a NOLA Blonde Ale like I like to do at the NO Airport. The guy did give me a sample of the CB, very nice.

It's so rare that a beer is brewed at all in Texas or Louisiana, let alone a new brewery that I don't know about 4 months in advance. And damned if it's not one of my favorite styles. Upon further review (googling like crazy), it turns out Heiner Brau is brewing these beers under a new label. Probably a good idea, as a new brand can generate some much needed excitement. So it works out well for me. Though I'm not sure how this Bayou Bock matches up with Heiner Brau's Maiboch or the Mardi Gras Festbier.

So I'm rooting for Butler as I hate Duke. But unlike you chumps that hate Duke because they are better than your team, I have been a North Carolina Tarheels fan for 20 years, so I hate Duke as a basic rival. They dominate so much that I'm jealous of their success and want ANY team to beat them. So to honor the Butler Bulldogs (also the name and mascot of my late brother's high school), I am going to resample some Flying Dog beers.

Beer Log: Right Now
State: Watching 24 and the Final 2 game

Flying Dog Double Dog
I rated this beer as a 5 star beer without so much as a written word. It was THAT damn great. A beer so good I felt it exemplified the reason why do the whole beer thing at all. Ok it's the second half, Duke up by one. Dark copper and clear with a big tan head. And the nose is just awesome, caramel, malt, chocolate, and something like a cinnamon cookie. Just great. Fantastic combination of malty caramel and grapefruit hops. Just loving the biting hops in the finish as well. Malt is not cloying but kind of chewy. Just a great mixture of everything and a touch dry to boot. Dammit Butler's main guy just got 4 fouls. This Double Dog is probably not as aged as I would like it to be, but the melody and harmony of malt and hops still combines perfectly. No hint whatsoever of the alcohol. Dammit Butler's other big guy now has 3 fouls. Anyway, got to give this puppy the big 5 Star rating.

You know I'm reading so many magazines these days and kind of trying to learn of the best ways to describe these beers. I hate that I have such a great beer and I honestly cannot just make up some shyt, like the taste of Hawaiain roasted pig with a North Carolina bbq sauce, white clay earth dryness, and a jolly rancher type grapefruitiness in the hops, although I could use these notes for the Double Dog. Maybe I need to just become more of a foodie, or just let the imagination flow. Thoughts?

Anyway, Butler is still down by 2 with just under 11 minutes to go. Somebody's got to do something here. Now Duke is up by 5. Dammit man. Now the Dogs are down by only 1. And I'm feeling the ABV now. Probably that can of Heiney I had on the plane. Southwest Airlines rules. Butler only down by 1, 49.4 seconds left. Out of BOUNDS on DUKE. BUTLER BALL! Under 34 seconds left. I gotta put the computer down. Damn that, I'm getting a 7 ouncer of Horn Dog. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

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