Monday, April 12, 2010

Live It Big Fest

This past weekend one of the boys and I hit the Live It Big Fest on Washington Avenue. The event was for the Friday Harbour charity and LIB are the same folks who do the very popular Camp Beer events. The event basically opened up all most of the bars on Washington for those wearing the bracelets. Many spots boasted drink specials and food specials, like crawfish. We stopped off first at Brixx. Great atmosphere outdoors if not sparsely populated at 2:30PM. The beer options were Ziegenbock and Bud Light, starting off the festival with a whimper. After our Budweiser's own Ziegenbock, we made our way down the street. At some point we made it to a Rodeo bar for some Shiner and then dragged ass to Soma for some sushi and sake. We did everything al fresco and both of us couldn't help but remark that Houston needs events like this every weekend. In the Heights area, outdoors, good food and drinks, meeting some new folks.

Afterward we made our way to Taps for some Crawfish and IPA. The crawfish was pretty tasty, though I guess they still are not all that big this season. I forgot how much I liked Dogfish Head 90 Minute and Avery Maharajah. Awesome 5 star beers that just got better with spicy crawfish.

We made our way out of the festival around 5:30ish. The crowd was pretty sparse throughout except for Brixx and Taps, kinda close to where they sold many of the bracelets. I'm sure Pearl Bar was well represented, with people drinking Pearl beer and playing beer pong. Didn't hurt that Bud Light was a major sponsor. Looking forward to more events like this, maybe a pub crawl is in order.

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