Sunday, September 7, 2008

UFC 88 and Bottled Beer

Well were watching UFC 88 at Champps, getting fired up and eating way too many buffalo wings. The waiter was cool as all get out and kept bringing us free bottles of Shiner Bock. In between yelling "It's OVER" prematurely during the fights and whatnot, I happened to notice I could get a nice flavor out of Shiner out of the bottle. Got the slight high carbo, but also got that light chocolate and light syrupyness that I get in the more hardcore bocks. The waiter then brought out a glass that was broken, so he brought out some pilsner glasses for the third beer. In the glass, I just was not getting as much flavor at all. What the hell is this? Anyone ever experience somethhing like this. The fourth beer (in a bottle) was back to normal and the reason I starting drinking SB in the first place.

I only had 4 SBs, so I wasn't even tipsy. Although you couldn't anyone else that, as when my boy Rashad Evans dropped Chuck Liddel like a sack of potatoes, I was the only, and I MEAN ONLY guy who got fired up and hype. Normally at Champps you get a portion of the crowd that just wants to see the action (like it seemed like for all the undercard fights), and a smaller portion that is actually rooting for one guy. The more we thought about it at while trying Scotch at Downing Street, I was the only guy even making noise at the knockout. Normally a big knockout is just a clustereff with people clapping hands and a couple of guys trying to sneak out without paying the bill. Luckily we paid the bill quickly and got THE F&CK out of there before someone tried to holler at me.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like beer was cold then got warm then got cold again kills the flavor