Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beering in Houston: Two Rows

August 30, 2008
More Two Rows in Rice Village. We had to get to Two Rows at some point. I took it a bit lighter this time, as ti's still so hot outside.

Osage Gold Wheat
Clear like Budweiser and gold. A slight skunk on the nose, maybe some esteryness. Medium body and bready are the first things I notice on the first draught. It's smooth with a medium carbonation. There's even a medium level of hops near the back of the tongue. I wish they had it a little bit colder. It's kind of basic to me. After the Hefs I've had in Atlanta, I'm giving this one a 2 star.

Honey Blonde Light Pale Ale
Tinged bar gold color, no smell. It's nice and bready with low hops and a quick finish. Medium carbonation, but I'm having a hard time getting any honey. Slight sweet but low on favor, 2 stars again.

As much as I like Brewpubs, I would like to see a little more out of Two Rows. Their other beers I've had in the past have not had me jogging back for more either. The place was cool, yet the waiter was not all that aware of what was going on on the chalkboard. Food and atmosphere is good stuff. They have a few more I haven't tried, including their darker beers. We'll give it a go when it gets a little chillier outside.

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