Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oktoberfesting in a Green Bottle

I have this aversion to green and clear bottles, as it oxidizes the beer faster than an amber bottle. I'm even more wary of imports in green bottles, as it I know it probably got a lot of light on the trip overseas. I'm even MORE wary of imports in a green bottle from a corner liquor store which means that after its trip overseas, it has probably sat in the lit cooler for weeks if not months. But I need something new as I got the kegerator working finally, and I'm trying to get as many Oktoberfests as I can find.

September 16, 2007

Hofbrau Oktoberfest

Clear in a pilsner glass, I wanted more scent than what comes out of a beer mug. Clear straw color, strong poofy white head. Kinda skunk smell right off the bat. Dammit man. As the head goes down slowly, I'm getting more sweet smell off of it. Kinda like a lager sweetness. Tastes a little bready and lager vegetally. Bad bitter AT (aftertaste) man, very nasty on the back of the tongue. Kinda gritty and whatnot. Low carbonation, which is good. Medium bodied. The more I drink it the more I get a little of that sweetness. Typically the Oktoberfests I've had are dark and malty. If someone told me this was a budweiser or even a malt liquor, I would believe you. I'm not even getting that much Munich malt. Got to give this one a 2 Star. They say the German hops have the mustiness to it, so I'll roll with it. In a better situation, like on tap in Munich, this is probably a 3-4 star.


Anonymous said...

Really, guy? Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

hey brotha ive had like 7 different oktoberfests none really stand out but there all good . samual adams,brooklyn , leinekugel . saranac , paulaner , hacker porcher and hofbrau which was on tap . if you can get hofbraus weisse on tap its simply wonderful .

The American Don said...

Can find the Leinenkugal. I am expanding things to Fall beers and dark lagers to round out the season.