Monday, August 11, 2008

Saint Arnolds, Repping Hard

First off, I'm very proud of the future expansion plans for Saint Arnolds Brewery in Houston, TX. I think they have done a great job with the craft beering in Houston, and I'm seeing more of Amber on tap more and more in town as opposed to Shiner Bock. In honor of their new fame, I decided to knock back two SA's I've never had before. I picked up two 6-packs and went at it when I got home.
Texas Wheat
State: Hot, kinda chillin. Working from home…

Smells a little skunked. Damn Specs. Clear, gold color, fleeting head. Mouthfeel is kinda medium, but not quite there for me. Some esteryness in there but not much. A little bready AT, low hops. Maybe some light citrus and sourness. Kinda high in carbo, and low-mod drinkability. Not my favorite from St. Arn. I’m gonna 2 star it. For the record. I tried another bottle later on and it was a lot better. Still closer a high 2 for me.

Elissa IPA
State: Feeling good

Orangish color with orangish-white serious head. Hop-bite citrus smell, but light. Head is thick with vigorous pour, so I gotta kinda wait it out. Light malt smell as well as it warms a touch. Strong hops, light AT however. Oh yeah, nice stuff. Maybe closer to an regular IPA as opposed to the American version. A little residuey on the tongue-feel after the fact. Not my favorite IPA, but I like the rush of hops. It’s tilted toward hops instead of malt. Very drinkable, low carbo. Nice stuff. I put the Jockamo ahead of this one, but definetly one of the top beers coming out of the St. Arny camp, save Divine Reserve. 3 stars.
What's wild about Elissa was that we ate at a restaurant at the Elissa ship in Galveston, yet they don't serve Elissa IPA out there. Odd.
All in all St Arn is just destroying the Texas competition with the American Barley Wine, but that was a homebrew recipe.

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