Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oktober in August

It's still busting 100 degrees feel in Houston, but the boys at St. Arnolds have put out their Oktoberfest. I think they actually have their Christmas Ale out as well. I'll hit that one later on when the weather dips below 80. But I grabbed the Harvest Moon as well, one of the Blue Moons I really enjoy.

August 18, 2008
Harvest Moon
Yes I found my beer log book, it was in my laptop case. Smells of cinnamon, light caramel, light pumpkin. It's coppergold color with a strong tinged white head. Tastes of pumpkin but a little watery/metallic near the back that went away after the first sip. Light caramel and medium carbonation come through on the next slug. Lightly hopped. If someone told me it had honey in there, I would not be surprised. There's a kind of nutmeginess lingering on my tongue as well. It could be b/c this is the first Fall beer I've had this season and I was really feenin for some fall beer, but I'm giving this one 4 stars baby!

St. Arnold's Oktoberfest
Ah the local ish. Copper color with a fizzy head. It's got a malty and bubble gum like smell. A touch of cinnamon. It has a malty taste with a velvety finish. Med-light body with low carbonation. Remind me of a dopplebock. Very good stuff. 3 Stars

FYI, I have had a few more of the Harvest Moons since this review and I'm moving it down to 3 Stars. It was just the shock of a new style of brew I hadn't had in ages. I'm thinking about maybe having maybe getting a Coors Light or something before I review a new beer. Sometimes I'll find myself just fired up to have a beer at all, especially if its been a while.


Anonymous said...

brotha good point about having a beer a couple times before rating it. i use to think stella atrois was a great beer ill only drink it again if its free

Scott said...

Nothing wrong with changing your mind over time!