Friday, August 15, 2008

Beering in Houston: BJ's part 1

Well I finally decided to do some brewpubbing in my own durn city. We have a few beer bars with The Sauce having the best selection, but as gas prices are still kinda high, I can't pick up and drive 20 miles in town just for some brown ale. There is a national chain brewpub that is on the Northwest suburban side of town, not too far from the house.

I had not been pushing to get to this brewpub with the thought that it's a national chain which should mean it sucks right? I mean, the most publicized beers are not all that good, so a successful chain brewpub would mean that it's beer are tempered down to have some sort of mass appeal? WRONG! I will be making a trip to BJ's probably every time I go up that way for a littel golf. What's this, I have a tee time tomorrow on that side of town? Another round at BJ's after the tournament? Oh yeah.

Anyway, we got there on a Sunday afternoon and the place was packed. The wife decided to chill so I went to the bar for my first beer. Seeing as how it is so god-awful hot outside, I needed something cool and light to get things started...

Harvest Hefeweizen (draft)
Orangish-yellow, low white head with a little lace. Banana and fruit smell going on. The taste kind of reminds me of banana and bread, lightly though. It's a little sweet as well. Medium carbonation that is a little choppy, if that makes sense. But it's very refreshing. The drinkability is only moderate, so it's a little tough to get down. The mouthfeel is okay, but I like my hefs to have a touch more thickness. But it works for the heat. Great start. Didn't write a star rating in my book, so I'll try it again later.

Brewhouse Blonde (a kolsch)
got to the table and decided to stay on the cooler side of things, so I copped the kolsch. Light gold color but very clear with only a little bit of head. Very bready taste with a medium-full body. Cool and very smooth. Low-medium carbonation, but has a good nonharsh fizziness. (Eating Garlic cheese breadsticks). The food is a good compliment. You'll get more of the bitterness as it warms up slightly. This one would be great for tailgating. Probably one of the better kolsches I've ever had. 3 Stars.

PM Porter
(BBQ Chicken Pizza)
I'm trying to remember to incorporate beer and food, so I take the menu's advice and order the porter with bbq chicken. The beer is opaque and dark brown with a low tan head. Maybe slight maltiness on the nose. The beer is smooth and full bodied with low carbonation, and kind of chocolaty. This is a NICE compliment with the BBQ sauce they used for the pizza. Low hops on the aftertaste. A nice 3 star beer. As it warms, I'm getting more smoke and more bitterness. Nice.

All in all a great experience. Nice family restaurant, which is good b/c the baby was making some noise. Nice ambiance and settings. They have several more beers on tap that I'll have to try next time. I don't think they brew on site, but I'll take it.

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