Sunday, August 3, 2008

14 days without Beer: Day 12

Well, I am one day from getting back to the beach now from my offshore platform. The manager had me slated for going in early b/c of some extra workers coming out to the platform, but they were delayed two days. Thankfully, I'm less than 18 hours away from being on the helicopter, and hopefully no one will try to make me stay the last two days. I'm whispering on the radio like the guy on the Hotel Rwanda movie (stay alert, stay aware).

It looks like Mother Nature decided to throw us a curve ball and put a potential Tropical Storm DIRECTLY OVER US without any warning. Normally the Depressions and whatnot come out of the Atlantic and shoot the gap between Cuba and Florida or Cuba and the Yucatan. We have several days to get ready for it all, including evacu-damn-ate. This time, a regular thunderstorm floating about decided to START EFFING SPINNING! Fantastic. I don't like even being south of I-10 when the Gulf of Mexico is churning. Now I'm 50 miles southeast of Louisiana. Gotta get that Black Gold. I say that any state in the Union that does not let us drill should pay DOUBLE for Gasoline while we in Louisiana and Texas pay half what we pay now. We're taking ALL the risk here.

Anyway, I should be going back home tomorrow, one day early. It can be difficult to stay focused on my engineering as my brain is three beers into a pub. In other words, I've already planned out where I want to go when I get back home, and the beers I'm probably going to order, and in which order. This time I'm thinking of going back to Downing Street Pub in Houston to throw in some cigars with my beering.

Things have picked up b/c I have an appointment to pick up a ready-made kegerator (7 cubic feet) on Tuesday. I will use this one to drink the IPA I brewed (that has been sitting in the keg forever). Once my bigger kegerator is constructed, I will use this smaller one to ferment, maybe lager, and to bring out to the football tailgates. Negros won't know WHAT to do when we have a live ass kegerator at the Univ of Houston and Houston Texans tailgates, as opposed to a keg sitting in an ice bucket with an air pump, or just drinking beer out of bottles like heathens. Speaking of which, if anyone has any recommendations for tailgating beers, please send them along. One more day. Holla.

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