Friday, August 15, 2008

Chimay Grande Reserve

July 20, 2008
State: Thirsty, eating spaghetti

Right now I'm into my beer and weight watchers, but let me back up a minute. I have this one in my book and I've been dying to taste it for a while now.

Chimay Grande Reserve
Pours brownish red and is orange in the light. It smells of brown sugar and caramel with a strong tan head. A get a little alcohol and something that's like hay or earth. My sense of smell is getting better. A few months ago it would have been "malty". I first notice that the beer is medium bodied and it is sugar sweet. It has high carbonation but with smooth drinkability. It's kind of spicy in the 2nd draught. Very low in hops and syrupy as it warms up. Nice stuff. This one was before I put stars on it, but it's definitely a 3 star maybe 4 if I try it again.

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