Sunday, August 26, 2012

Deep Ellum, Buffalo Bayou, New Belgium... who you kicking out of the Hot Tub?

So I'm hanging out with the wife and child and we actually elected to skip the Flying Saucer party downtown.  Just too much with the baby.  But we did compromise and make it the Sugarland location for some Texas Beer.  Hold up....

Beer Log: Right now
State: Watching the Bootleg Storage Wars aka Storage Hunters
Man Storage Wars kills Storage Hunters.  All we have are big stereotypical black women.  Damn shame.

New Belgium Lips of Faith Belgian Style Blond
Pour this one in our Oak Aged Yeti Snifter.  It has a nice golden straw hue that is a little cloudy.  Thin white head.  Nose has a great limon and banana nose,  Taste is not as sour as I thought, more a sugar cookie sweetness with a wet yet dry aftertaste.  High carbonation and very drinkable.  A nice mixture of sweet and sour, smooth and dry.  A battle of extremes that juxtaposes just right.  I could drink this one all day even with 8%+ ABV.  High 3 stars.

So at the Saucer I went ahead and grabbed a couple of beers from the great state of Texas.  Some of the new stuff.  You know what, I'm actually going to let the Voice annotation on my Droid Razr 2 stand and not correct it, save the links and some capitalization.  Figured this would be fun.

Beer Log: Earlier Today
State: At the Flying Saucer in Sugar Land

Deep Ellum Dallas Blond on cask
clear install color, with a great malti nose. fantastic like honey crackers and light caramel what flavor, makes with yes to the hospital make it worth it. I get a nice chance of ok as well which really as a nice touch to what should be a great session beer and they can get it in a can in time for football season.

Buffalo by you 1836
amber color in clear with this and why Ted. That beer has a great multi band Steely know as well as Chase. I get something like it ok meal cookies and some great lights soda pops. Check that's probably tiny hops. I am really enjoying this beer. Another great session beer for the tailgate. Go Texas.


Anthony Cerrato said...

I'd love to have my own hot tub to use for parties and relaxing.

Spa Accessories said...

Having a hot tub is real fun, we have started having a lot of parties since we got one.