Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beering in DC Metro: Red Line

So after pounding a Budweiser at the wedding just to get the Wedding Badge on Untappd, we all get together in Silver Springs to play some cards with the old crew.

Turns out the fricken red line is all screwed up with Construction and once we get to the Red line transfer, we actually have to take the bus.  We didn't time this just right so my friend and I were about 45 minutes early as we hoofed it through a very nice Silver Springs, MD.  We call up our boy and he starts bitching that he said 8:30PM.  So we end up taking a very slight detour and walk to Firestation #1 Restaurant and Brewery to watch some preseason ball, have some local beer, and ham it up with the townies.

State: Belly up to the bar and I just go ahead and order the flight.  My friend doesn't drink but gets a banana split.  The Jets are playing the Giants and I'm over here yelling to everyone that I just want to see Tebow.  I don't care for the Jets, I DO care about GOOD TELEVISION.

As we were engaged in deep philosophical conversation about Rex Ryan and the new rules assisting passing quarterbacks, I did not get the most thorough of notes on the beer, so pardon me..

Beer Log: August 18, 2012

FH1 Avenue Golden Ale
Clear and light straw. Light nose and light flavor of cracker and a pinch if metal. 2 stars.

FH1 Stout
Dark brown and cloudy. Deep beer with a body like guinness. Light coco roast with a pinch of lemon. Low 3stars.

This ain't working out too well. Maybe a little sour and whatnot. Smooth like an English pale ale. AT is all bready.

Later on in the flight I get a soda hoppy Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA.  That was some good stuff.
It looks like FH1 has elected to go the English style of beering as opposed to what I would call American.  That actually makes a lot of sense as this makes the beers a little beter for mass consumption, but I've never been an English style beer guy.  German yes, Czech Hell Yes, American West coast shit yeah, Mexican Si, but never got into the English.  I'm sure I'll have to catch up one of these days.

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