Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catching up: New Belgium, Indy, Lagunitas

Just going through the my beer notebook and wanted to clear some things out.  I've had some fantastic travel this summer mostly family related, lot's of time in DC which I've already chronicled, as well as some beering out on the Ohio River.  Lastly I finished up my most recent travels back in Midtown Atlanta once again, and that part of town is absolutely great for beer, with many spots within decent walking distance.

Beer Log: April 15, 2012
State: Hanging out with the family at Petrol Station, absolutely starving.

New Belgium Dig Pale Ale: 
For some reason we could not find this beer on Untappd, which is weird for a New Belgium beer.  Didn't feel like spending the time to add it in, so I figured I would just hang out and write my notes.  Amber color and clear with a decent finger or so of head.  The taste has a great hops and malt.  Beer is very clean with lemon like character which I'm attributing to the hops, yet it's balanced.  I love the slight sour aftertaste and nuttiness and caramel flavor of the malt just peaking through.  4 stars for the New Belgians.

Independence Easy Riser Stout
Now I've been hunting the durn Mandarin Saison between when I had this beer (April) and when I'm writing this up in the blog (September), I've not seen it.  Damn shame.  That beer was unreal!  ANyway the ERS is a deep brown with a tean head, great coffee ground and roasted malt nose.  Beer has a dry character with coffee and chocolate.  It's dry yet very poofy (if that makes sense).  How about I call this like Saint Arnold Santo but with more kick all the way around.  High 3 Stars.

And later on...

State: Just had some Lazy Magnolia beer at the house, and now going to split a bomber with the Misses while watching some Bill Maher.

Lagunitas Bavarian-Style Dunkelweizen
Nice cloudy orange color in the sunlight (I'm BLIND) with a thin white head.  The nose makes me think of Halloween candy and banana.  I actually wrote "mmm, sweet sugar wheat beer".  Nice softness and light bitterness.  Taste of sugar sweetness, lemon hops, and banana flavored bubblegum.  No hint of 9% alcohol content.  Loving life.  4 Stars. 

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