Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beering in DC Metro: Green Line

Good to be back on the horse. I've been out of commission these last few weeks as I had some knee surgery.  The MRI seemed to show a slight meniscus tear but during the scope they found it was just a chondromalacia patella or knee ice sickles.  This is caused when your knees are not exactly aligned and will eventually get all screwed if you try to lead an active lifestyle with high impact sports.

I was a band nerd in high school but did the following pursuits since turning mid college:  Power weightlifting for two years, rugby for 3 years, long distance running for 5 years, and now mixed martial arts.  I've been laying on my couch and basically unable to work out for weeks, and it's killing me.

Well now my knee is all cleaned out and after I finish rehab, I'll just have to warm up very well and make sure my legs are nice and strong.  Afterward, should not have much more of a problem.  Not only that but I'm going to bias toward low impact activities.  I really enjoy kayaking but may take up mountain biking. Golf may kick up a bit and will continue yoga.  MMA will remain, though I may switch to just Brazilian Jitz and cry as I put down my kickboxing.  Damn that will really suck.  Distance running may have to go by-by in place of 10K max running and distance cycling and maybe even get some swimming going.

But before that I managed to visit some old college buddies in the DC area for one of their weddings.  Very sweet that all the old crew is getting married.  Anyway, my friend and I elect not to rent a car and to just hang out utilizing only the Metro, which worked out well all weekend as we made our way to Dupont Circle area and Silver Springs

Beer Log: August 15, 2012
State: At Bier Baron, just relaxing getting some dinner

So we make it to Dupont Circle's metro stop and it is BUTT NAKED out there with Washington Nationals fans.  They are simply everywhere.  Turns out the last thing you want to do is ride the Green Line at all during a Nats game.  Folks are pretty fired up for the team.  Luckily we were going to the big money part of town, which means we minimize the amount of hooligans we'll run into.  As my friend is a huge Yankees man and I'm a 'Stros fan. So we hoof it over to Bier Baron as we have not been here in ages.  We go down to what I can only imagine was the dungeon, belly up to the bar, and order some local beer...

Port City Wit
Yellow cloudy with a thin head. Nose is fluffy banana and clove. Taste is the same. High quality wit beer, mild carbo, some lingering bitter bite. Three stars.

Port City Pale
Clear amber caramel nose. Nice light hoops and malt. Clean, no butter. Crisp. Loving it  4 stars

Later on that night we make it out to Birch and Barley, but my phone was nearly dead, so I couldn't take any notes or log them in on Untappd.  Hate when that happens.

So the next day we hit the golf course and then score some killer chinese food.  Along with it we stop by the liquor store and grab some Yuengling and Amish Four Grain.  No review for either but they were great session beers for us throughout.

to be continued...

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