Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pilsner Bowl: Sam Adams Nobel Pils vs. Shiner 101

Oh it's time baby. I can't find the top to my fermentor, and the baby is acting a fool, so I may not get the chance to homebrew before the Superbowl party tonight. Screw it. I haven't blogged in a while although I've tried many a new beer. Things like New Belgium's Ranger IPA, Abita Christmas, Birra Moretti, BJ's Grand Cru, all over the map. But there seems to be a slight resurgence in Czech style pilsners. Both Sam Adams and Shiner have come out with some pilsners, so I'm curious to see who wins the Pilsner bowl.

Beer Log: Right now
State: Finishing off some pasta and red wine sauce, probably will pop in a movie while the baby is asleep

Sam Adams Nobel Pilsner
Enjoying this in my tall pilsner glass. Hellz yeah. Nose is malty with some slight funky hops. The malty sweetness of the nose is indeed like that of other Czech pilsner, kind of a sugar sweet. Poofy white head that is working it's way down. Clear straw color. Lots of bread flavor and light malt. The hops are woven throughout. Hops are not all piney and whatnot like Cascade. Just a great soft hoppiness that reminds me of grapefruit. The beer has a nice medium body and even a hint of chewiness to it. Could this be one of the best pilsners I've ever had? High 3 Stars.

The wife and I are highly considering going to Prague for our annual trip in 2011, or if I can keep her off the, we could maybe do a London/Prague trip this year. But that's a big IF.

Shiner 101: Czech-Style Pilsner
The beer has that same straw color, just a touch darker than Sam Adams'. The beer is a touch funkier on the hops, but has the same sweetbread nose. Head is nowhere near as strong, and a lot more fizzy and whatnot. No lace and much softer. This beer has a touch more of that icky hop I can't get with usually. Especially on the aftertaste. There is a slight filmy feeling to the aftertaste. Hops is nearly the same, just not quit as robust as the Adams, and the body is much thinner. Dammit man. This is like the Patriots actually beating the Texans. Low 3 Star beer.

I much prefer the Boston version than the Shiner version. And what's bad, Shiner is an actually a Czech and German style brewery for over 100 years, with our man Kosmos Spoetzl running the show in its history. Sam Adams was started up by a guy who found some recipe in his attic, probably after a Red Sox loss. Not to mention their claim to fame is basically making all kinds of random styles, while Shiner ONLY does German and Czech styles.


Chuck V said...

Gotta love a nice crisp pilsner! Going to buy a sixer of that Nobel Pils today at your recommendation.

The American Don said...

Enjoy it Chuck. As I thought back about it, the Sam Adam Hallertau Imperial Pilsner was simply amazing. But if you tried to walk around Prague with that stuff and call it a pilsner, they may throw you in jail.