Saturday, February 20, 2010

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It just doesn't get any better. The child is asleep, the wife is upstairs watching CSI: Tallahassee, and I am currently drinking a Bohemia, brewing my Belgian Wit, and listening to an archive of the Brewing Network Sunday Session. It's like having sex, while watching porno, while listening to the Sirius Playboy Channel, except the beer thing takes 6 hours.

I'm looking forward to UFC tonight, and big money Cain "Don hates me b/c I beat Kongo" Velazquez is fighting Antonio Rodrigo "The Oldest looking 33 year old on the planet" Nogueira. Normally I drink beer from the same places as the fighters, but how much Xingu can a brotha consume. And all these Brazilians also train out of Vegas, and I can't get any Sin City beer.

Pretty soon I'm going to be cracking open some IPAs to keep it going. But first

Bischoff Falkensteiner Ur-Weisse
A good friend of mine brought this from deep in his beer cellar. Let's see if I can get this review going before everything comes to a boil. Oh my that nose hit me hard with the bret and sweetness. Had to pull back b/c of that sourness and feet smell. It actually does smell like feet. Damn. Moderate cloudy gold color with creamy white head (no homo). Not bad on the sweetness, toastiness, and moderate but kinda sad sourness to it. Low carbo and very smooth. That foot taste and smell is all throughout. Seems like it's barely working, as it's not too terrible. It's making me sneeze though. Sneezing so much it's hurting my traps. Dammit man. The beer is not as harsh as I keep drinking it. Getting more pleasant and Belgian wit like, just a bit too aged. I know I had in my cabinet for about 5 months, so who knows how long my friend had it, or wherever the hell he got it from. High 2 Stars.

Oh shyt, they are showing the USA rugby on ABC. Hell yeah. Lot's of you brothas don't know that I played rugby for nearly 3 years. Then for some reason I switched to long distance running and marathoning. Now I'm looking at some MMA and Jiu-Jitsu. I think I'll try to hit all the white guy sports before I get too old. Sitting here watching these dudes on 15KM Cross Country skiing. Come on, ski motherficker, SKI!

Got the extract in there now, just waiting for boil. Looks like this Santa Fe Pale Ale is not bad, but I've got extract on my fingers, so no more typing for now.

Ok this Santa Fe Pale Ale is not hitting it. Time for some IPA.

Deschutes Inversion IPA
Picked this up yesterday at Specs at Barker Cypress and 529, shouts out to my boy LT. Nose is very citrusy hops. Huge Mother-of-Pearl head on a copper colored beer. Good citrusy hops, a little light on the malt, but very refreshing. Crisp. Head has good lace. 3 Stars.

Well, I followed the same procedure and my original gravity is 30 points higher, 1072. Anyway, I'm going to whoop some arse on Wii Resort Swordfighting. Holla.

Ok I'm back. Great wort sweet flavor. Looking forward to this one a week from now. hell yeah.

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