Friday, February 19, 2010

The Beer Arms Race

Oh it's TIME baby. Our good friend Ronnie Crocker over at Beer, TX blog put out a great article about how so many brewers are upping the ante on alcohol.

Looks like they are going to be using Sam Adams Utopias for breakfast beer soon. Brew Dog is hitting them hard with Sink the Bismark and Tactical Nuclear Penguin. The good thing is that these beers are now 30% plus in ABV, and if it's still beer I'd probably still knock it back like nothing, and consequently show up to work still drunk 4 days later. I am HIGHLY considering slapping down the 42 Pounds (nearly 85 dollars) for a 330 ml bottle of Penguin. The kicker is, it's still Brew Dog. If it was Alesmith, I could be convinced.

Looks like brothas are not quite boil distilling but freeze distilling their beer.

It's a tradition a few hundred years with the oil eisbock (ice bock method). You freeze the beer, scrape off the ice, and bamm you got some serious high octane beer. Imagine if you do it three or four times.

You know what I say, more power to 'em. I say be as creative as can be. Up the octane all you can, just don't brag so much about it that they change the tax structure. Also, I'm thinking that the pendulum will swing and some brewers are going to make some very very good 3% ABV beer. We need some session beer that just killer as well. I enjoy beer, and a lot of times I just want a nice beer with my food, but I don't want to visit a hospital after a couple 12 ouncers. I mean come on man. Let's get these brothas some low alcohol beer that's in the 4 star range. I know you'll think of something.

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