Friday, February 19, 2010

Bashah, not the kind you smoke either

Sitting here drinking down some Sierra Nevada Bashah, watching some Winter Olympic coverage. The wife and I just took in a matinee of The Wolfman. Not a bad movie. A little slow at times, and very dark. The violence was pretty realistic. Del Toro looked out of place in this movie, maybe I'm just used to his characters in Sin City and Snatch.

Beer Log: Right now
State: Chilling out...

Sierra Nevada Glissade
Drinking this one out of my 2005 North Carolina NCAA Championship mug. Orangish clear with a fizzy but strong head. Nose has that lager-veggie smell, with a nice sugar sweetness to it. Beer has a nice breadiness to it, a low but noticeable hops, and a decent light maltiness. Tastes very noble-hop like for a Sierra Nevada. The beer is just very soft and poofy, and a lot better than the first time I had it. Low 3 Stars.

Now let's go back in time to last night...

Beer Log: Yesterday
State: Eating pizza and wings

Hole in the Rock (MDII, Minhas)
The wife found this one in one of those gift 6 packs. I believe these beers are supposed to be with some old recipes. Amber clear with lager and caramel nose. On the taste, there's not much going on besides smoothness. There is a slight malt with the pizza. Low 2 Stars.

The collabo with Stone and Brew Dog. We had this in the house for months and I haven't tried it b/c the last time I had a Brew Dog beer it tasted like I was tasting a cigarette on the wrong side. Oh it's real. I poured this beer in my Old New Orleans rum glass. Not much head. Slight porter roast nose with a pitch black color. They billed this beer as a Dark Belgian Double IPA. And damned if they didn't hit all three flavors. It's a party of roast, smoke, coffee, infused with sourness and citrus, followed with a strong cascade hops in the aftertaste and finish. As it warms, the hops just overpower whatever was belgian about this beer and much of the dark part, and it devolved into a dark strong double IPA. High 3 Stars. Not that it's not bad, but they put it all in there. Oh it's real.

Great stuff overall. And in honor this and the many of other great collaborations in beer, here's one of my favorite collabos.

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