Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beering in Amsterdam: Wrap Up

Amsterdam never fails me. Fantastic scenery, free society, decent beer. The Heineken out there was fantastic, even extra cold. I would say my top three beers there:

1. Heineken
2. Moreeke
3. Weickse (Wheat/Rose)

The food out there was fantastic. I didn't remember that the Dutch love some pomme frites. I was tearing through some french fries the whole time. Somewhere in there, our Aussie roommates told us there was some terrorist threat on Oktoberfest. For a while our crew was under the impression we could not get a flight into Munich at all, when it turns out that they only banned prop planes. The Aussie girls were asking if we would still go, and after telling them that we get terrorist threats every other week, we are certainly going. Then somewhere one of the ladies asked if I liked fried chicken. I'm sure they were wondering that the whole trip and only had the guts to ask the night before we left. We just laughed it off. I guess Dave Chappelle is not exactly helping stereotypes.

However, Amsterdam is a great place to visit, probably not to live. I prefer a more singing language like French or Spanish. However, being there is like living in a few magazines. On the square, you are in Vogue. At the club scene, your in Maxim. In the Red Light District you're either in Playboy, Hustler, or Black Men magazine, pending what section you're in. Just love Amsterdam, however plan on budgeting a few hundred or a couple thousand in jewelry, restaurants, and gifts for your wife when you get home, b/c you're bound to do something stupid.

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