Friday, October 9, 2009

Beering in Amsterdam: And Later On

We met this one energetic American outside the Heineken Experience and she was going on about how we should go to this random pub crawl. We saw their flyers around the hostel and were kinda blah. We figured whatthehell, but had some time to kill. I went to the smallest pub in Amsterdam.

I messed around and had some Palm and some Leffe Blonde. The Palm was terrible, the Leffe was just fine as usual.

Next thing we know, that night we are on the street train to Leidesplien, an area with lots of bars and clubs. We ran into many Americans and others folks, lots of Australians. They had some sort of vodka shots that you took at every bar. Although if someone told me it was a rose wine I would have believed you. But if that stuff were real 80 proof vodka, I'd probably be posting this post at the bottom of a river Amstel. We enjoyed Heineken at every bar (one free beer per bar). Lots of techno and American music. Everything was fine save the last bar, which for some reason was about 1.5 miles away from the second to last bar. Great partying regardless. I have some videos but lighting is all screwed up.

Next Day we had some downtime so we hit this little cafe to try some:

This beer from Piedboeuf has a plain lager veggie smell. Clear amber color and head has some staying power and lace. This tastes basically like a bready pilsner. Decent. Low 3 Star. Word on the street is that they are owned by InBev.

Ij Bok
By the Brewery of Amsterdam (or Brouweri 't IJ from Amsterdam). I think I threw my finger out of joint typing that name. Anyway, with some good ol' Dutch Apple Pie, I was very much looking forward to a Bock beer. Apple cider nose and has a cloudy apple cider looking with a tan reddish head. I get a lot of citrus bitterness like grapefruit on the taste, leaves your mouth dry, and has a low bitter aftertaste. Not very appealing and not what I look for in a bock. 2 Star.

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