Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yes, I'm Still Here, Still Studying: Medalla Light

I'm sitting here drinking a Medalla Light from Peurto Rico, trying to think of how many posts I'm backed up. Since my last few posts, I've got reviews written on the back of envelopes, notebooks, textbooks, you name it.

Just got back from New Orleans on Sunday, tried a couple new beers here and there. Nothing major. Going to be flying out to Las Vegas tomorrow and will likely spend about 4-5 hours a day studying for the PE Exam in my hotel room. Luckily I have been to Vegas a few times on the company, so I can charge this trip to the game. I am (eff it, let's drink).

Medalla Light
I can smell the funky hops from over here. It has a touch of hops and veggie on the nose. Nice uber-clear straw color with a surprisingly strong white head. Not bad on the tongue, has a touch of bread, a touch of astringency, a little drying as well. Very little aftertaste on this one. The second draught I catch a touch of metal in there. FYI: A good friend brought this one from PR for me to try in a couple aluminum cans. The beer is not all corned up like Mexican cervazas, but it works. Like a good light beer, it's very light on the bread and hops but not too watery. It actually is not a bad beer, just a good light beer in the sweltering heat of the caribbean. Goes down pretty well, a moderate carbonation. As far as light beer go, I would take this one over Shiner Spezial Leicht but not over Amstel Light. High 2 Stars.

Back to my diatribe. I plan on itznaying a rental car and will just roll around Vegas on their monorail and hopping cabs. A lot of my old friends from undergrad, grad school, various internships, and of course my current job will be there. Got to love the National Society of Black Engineers. It's a pretty wild conference, and if it weren't for the recession, this years' conference in Vegas would be off the hook (to quote Michael Steele). I did a touch of gambling in New Orleans and will simply refuse to gamble on anything over a $5 table in Vegas. It's just a waste of money with a bunch of other douchebags doing their best James Bond impression at a lowball blackjack table. MFers are showing up to $10 craps tables with tuxedos on, waiting 15 minutes for the drink girl to bring them an Amaretto sour so they can leave the table. "They call me Double-O Negro." As Medalla warms it getting a little icky on the AT, pushing it down to a regular 2 Star. I have to recruit college students at this conference for my company, which I thoroughly enjoy and have a knack for. But hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a visit to a couple brewpubs or at least try some West Coast beer at the bars on the strip. I'm particularly interested in finding some damn Alesmith. If I come up with no dice, I'll probably have to trade for it.

Holla back if you have any suggestions of a good beer bar in Vegas.


Anonymous said...

can you get medalla light in the u.s.?

The American Don said...

If you count Puerto Rico, then I guess yes. Otherwise, I don't recall seeing it around town. Thanks for reading the blog