Monday, March 30, 2009

Purging the Sin from my system: Flying Dog

Good to be home from my back-to-back trips to New Orleans and Las Vegas. I still get the occasional sick feeling after the massive amounts of tequila shots and filth. It's good to be home, already had some homebrew, and now I'm having my first homecooked meal in a while from the Misses. I'll send the reviews for that later. Let's just say I had a few beers, lots of tequila, and woke up slightly hungover and THANK GOD alone every night.

Flying Dog Biere de Garde
Haven't had a BDG since we were in Paris. I didn't care for it then, so lets see what happens now. Smells like it's sour and estery, kinda fruity. Pretty clear and straw colored , low head in the wine goblet. A nice estery almost belgian taste without the nice sourness. It has a nice maltiness in there as well. Goes well with my IPA marinated pork chops. I detect a touch of hops and toast as well. Very nice. A good beer to introduce your light beer drinkers to. High 3 Star. The Dogs totally blew away whatever I had in Paris.
Flying Dog always make me think of this song...


TheAleReport said...

Flying Dog I dig. Not so much with the George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic. It would take a lot of BDG to make me appreciate that music. (We're still calling it music, yes?)

The American Don said...

George Clinton is what it's all about. Nothing like seeing the Mothership land at a concert.