Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Paris Trip update: April 9, 2008

We're starting to wrap up the Paris trip, so the wife and I leave everyone else at a Techno bar to find a couple more beer bars. Before we leave the house, we try a beer called Northmaen from the boys at Normandie.

Getting fired up for the spirit of the vikings, we drink this one at the house in preparation for another night of frolicking and acting very American. Well, everything about this beer reminded me of a Heineken. I will just quote my beer log directly: "Heineken, nothing going on, no hops, no aftertaste, basic beer smell, nothing to write home about, medium body"

It does have a kick ass label. Well I got frustrated with the French beer and decided to go to a Belgian Beer Bar called Au Trappist . It's got a great selection of Belgians and some stuff from around the world. Nice nice. I am still feeling the wine we drank at an Indian restaurant earlier, so my sobriety points allow me to only try two beers. I'm feeling like Dark Belgians, as it's pretty cold outside.

Leffe Brune (in a goblet)
Dark Brown with a strong cream head. Smells of cinnamon cookies and malt. Nice. The first taste is slightly roasted malt, a medium to high body and low carbonation (oh yeah). The malt remains low as it warms up but I'm now getting slight chocolate flavor like a bock, yet very low hops. It has the classic Leffe long citrusy aftertaste I've come to enjoy.

Westmalle Trappist Dubbel (in the Westmalle Goblet)
Sugar sweet smell, dark brown, cream head, active pepping head with no lace. There was some alcohol smell as well. I first notice the medium fine carbonation, the low hops and the breadiness. It's actually kinda dry. Another slug and now I'm getting a nice full body with slight malt. We notice the brown yeast on top o the head, and it looks like brown sugar streaks. There is some smokiness as it warms, almost like a porter. Low low bitter aftertaste.

It's about a month and a half later, but I'm getting thirsty thinking about these dark Belgians. I will definitely have to get a couple more in New Orleans this weekend at d.b.a. We leave the Belgian joint a guy takes a couple pics of us with our camera outside the bar.

Later on we walk back home but stop off at Le Sous-Bock Tavern, which has great reviews. Well we just didn't see it. There was some stuff on bottle I guess somewhere, but not much on tap we hadn't tried before.

Beamish Stout
They served up this one on draft with the Nitrogen. It was black and opaque, with a cream colored lasting head Slight chocolate and roasted malt smell. It was bitter and smooth and maybe a bit too cold. There was no weight to the beer, a very thin body. The second draught was a little better on the flavor, but I'm not getting much out of it.

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