Monday, July 14, 2008

Austin Part 2: Who's House???

We now return you to your regularky scheduled beering updates. I would have been posting earlier but someone has to get out to the platform to get that Oil so that the people in Florida can drive their Mercedes on South Beach.

We left Uncle Billy's and zipped up the westside to Draught House Pub and Brewery. The brewpub was much more of a pub than a restaurant. What's cool is that folks were hanging out in Draught's parking lot with music going and beer drinking. Kinda like Fast and the Furious without the cute Asian women or the fancy cars. Just a bunch of folks kind of tailgating listening to Pink Floyd.

Based on my sobriety points remaining, I felt that only 2 beers would work for me. They had 3 beers brewed onsite on the chalkboard: a hefeweizen, a weizenbock, and a Black wheat. We got in line and I ordered myself their Weizenbock.

First thing I notice is that these chumps have the St. Arnold's Divine Reserve #6 on the durn board. We could have had it out here rather than to downtown Houston before rolling back out to Austin. Oh well. I have since found #6 two more times in Houston.


Don't think I've ever had a weizenbock, but I like bock and I like wheat beers, so what could go wrong? Crayon brown and opaque in appearance with offwhite head. It was on tap and poured into a dimpled glass. It has a caramel and sugary sweet smell. The taste makes me think of a hefe made with roasted malts. It has a full mouthfeel, low carbonation and hops, with a quick finish. The more I drink it, the more of the roasty/choco malts. It seems like it is a combo wheat/bock beer.

Black Wheat

Dark brown and opaque, but with a tan head. This one has a strong roasted/chocolate smell. It tastes smokey, roasted malt, and like a wheat full mouthfeel. Low hops on the aftertaste this time with low carbonation.

These beers were okay, but I was running a bit low on SB points. I nearly didn't finish the Black Wheat. The pub itself looks like a cool college town hangout spot. On their website they claim both beers have some banana flavor, but I didn't get it. Nice place though. I would like to see them try some more hoppy beers, but with the hop shortage, who knows.
Independence is not only the name of my high school, but is a microbrewery in Austin. I did not find a brewpub, so we just grabbed Indy whenever we could find it.
Clear gold, no head, biting but mild hops on the nose. Sudden strong hops that disappears just as fast. Some cistrus as well. Nice change of pace. It goes down easy with medium carbonation. I would not say that this in an American or India Pale Ale, probably more English

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