Monday, July 28, 2008

14 Days without a Beer: Day 7

Well it's not 7 days offshore and I haven't had a beer. I'm an idiot that keeps forgetting to bring my Beerlog with me to the platform, so I cannot catch up on my beer reviews. I could really use a beer, but no alcohol on the platform, for obvious reasons.

You know its getting bad when you are planning beertineraries for places you may or may not visit in the next few years.

The madness is starting to take over as I now have an IPA I brewed in a keg that ready to drink, and I have a deposit on a kegerator from Craigslist, so I will be SWIMMING in beer once I get back, pending whatever weight watchers tells me to do. I know what you are thinking, did this dude keg a beer without a practical way of getting the beer out? The answer is YES! I borrowed the 5 gallon keg from a cool guy and coworker, and kegged my IPA which somehow seemed to fully ferment in 2 days, too warm on the pitch.

I also think about my adventures in making my own kegerator. The one I'm guying is made from a GE 7CF, which I will use for fermentation, and to bring out to tailgates for Texans games. I purchased a big ass 18 cubic feet chest freezer which I think I can fit 8 5-gallon kegs. It was so wild getting the freezer to my house. The man I bought it from (craigslist rules) and I tried to fit it in my Sebring Convertible. But it was waaaaaaaaaay too high, and visions of tasers from Houston Police started floating in my head. So we got another friend's miniSUV and I managed to fit it in, with about 60% of the freezer sticking out the back of the open trunk. I put some rope on it and started driving VERY slowly through the Northwest suburban streets of Houston and Katy. I was doing okay until I saw that the cops were everywhere directing traffinc once you got near some of the corporate offices, and they started walking towards me. I'm already replaying what my father told me to do when the cops pull you over, but they let me pass and continued to direct traffic. Hellz yeah. I made it to the house and got a neighbor to help me get the behemoth out of the car. I'll get some pics up in my next kegerator post.

Have a good one and drink a beer for the guy who makes sure you have the gas in your car to drive to the pub.

Posts to come: My Rating System; Tailgating Series Preview; More reviews

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