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Paris Beer Log: April 6, 2009

Sorry for the delays inbetween posts, but I’ve been offshore trying to get that OIL. Hey, no one told you to buy that Hummer. I left my notebook at home, thus, I could not blog until my days off. So let’s go back, way back in to time. Let’s revisit my Paris trip. After we finish the Marathon, I am craving some serious beerage as I had been dry for a month. So we hit the closest beer bar later on that night, and it’s Hall 1900 on Rue Rambuteau. Loosely translated, the Bar says it’s a Beer Bar on the signage, so we shall see.

The first beer I try is from Brasserie Pietra. Apparently this is a beer from Corsica.

State: Eating French Fries (hee hee) and stiff from ‘thoning earlier that day.
Slightly reddish color with a white head. Not much of a smell. Medium-High Carbo and some bitterness on the aftertaste. It’s served very COLD and has a metallic taste (not cool). I’m getting a slight lime in there as well. My thoughts are that it’s alright, but not impressive. As it warms up, I can taste bread or toast that goes along with its light body.

Picon Biere (a few sips)
I know it’s a wikipedia entry, but I don’t have the patience to look beyond two pages of Google for their website. I got a few sips of this one, as no one in our crew had done beer tasting like I had. I love converting people, so I showed them how I do it with one of their beers. Picon has an orange smell and lacy head. It’s a deep bronze color and to be honest it tastes like Orange soda: word is brothas are supposed to like Orange Soda. It’s a light carbonation and kind of wheaty.

Getting away from Biere, and try some Beerjte. Brugs is a Belgian beer, which they have plenty of in France (and for obvious reasons). This one is cloudy, light straw color. Dud put a lemon on top (sucks), but I could still get the medium body and carbonation. It’s wheaty and bready, but nice.

Later on that Night we hit Café Oz to see what all the hubbub was about. This Aussie bar was PACKED a couple nights ago, but it was pretty empty when we got there. Luckily there was a beer or two there that I hadn’t tried, so I picks up Speight’s Gold Medal Ale. That’s us at the bar. My wife’s facebook caption says it all: <>

Speight’s Gold Medal Ale
Apparently this one is very popular in New Zealand as it’s the beer of a couple Football Clubs out there. Nice. Well it was Bronze in color (not gold, hee hee), with a white head. Slight sour smell to it with a medium to full body. Uberlow bitterness on the aftertaste. It’s just plain with some hint of bready and medium carbo. Just not much to it, nothing to write home about unless you have a blog.

Sadly, we could not find any French stouts or any other stouts/porters we had not tried, as it was so cold that night, it actually SNOWED. That’s me and the wife.

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