Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Make 7... UP Yours

I have to take a break from updating you all on my Paris vacation and clearing out my beer notebook to discuss the beer I have just tried. A good friend of mine and fellow Yellow Jacket knows that I am a beer connoisseur, and he raved about Bud Light Lime at the company BBQ. I picked up a six pack at the Wal-Mart while returning a drill, buying more baby diapers, and pricing a flatscreen TV (gotta love Wal-mart).
With an open mind, we cracked it open tonight. Mind you, as you will see in later posts, a couple days ago I tasted beer made from a recipe that could be 5000 years old (Midas Touch), a kickass Barley Wine, and the Drink of the Gods (Honey Mead). Bud Light better come with it.

Bud Light Lime

State: Finished eating spaghetti, chillin at night after watching Prince Caspian

First off, the movie was tight. The beer, not so much. Beer pours quickly with little head in that classic Bud Light straw color. There is a strong smell of lime in the beer. The head disappears quickly. The first taste is just plain EMPTY at first, which is actually pretty standard for a light beer. You don't want all those pesky "beer flavors" in your light beer. I never really noticed the emptiness until I started really tasting more complex beers. After letting it warm in my mouth, I taste the light breadiness and light lime. It's kind of like 7up or Sprite to be honest. My wife says: "Sprite with melted ice". The finish is clean and the carbonation is low to medium, yet fine like a light beer. Sorry, but this six pack will sit in the fridge until we "regift" it to someone else.

Lime Beer. Look, I love flavored beers, but it looks like the supermajors just can't get right when it comes to craft beer, save Blue Moon. In fact, I would highly recommend Blue Moon's Rising Moon, their Spring Seasonal for your Lime Beer Jones. I reviewed this beer in my Superbowl post. In the meantime, the wife poured me the last of the Honey Mead, I am feeling rather immortal tonight.

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isos said...

Update: the beer has been re-gifted. I purchased a 6-pack of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat to take to a BBQ because I knew they wouldn't have any good beer. Then I realized this was the perfect time to re-gift (read: get rid of) the rest of that lime flavored water A-B is trying to pass for beer.

I took 1 Sam Adams and 1 Midas Touch so that I could have some decent beer at the BBQ. Good thing, because all they had was Miller Lite, Corona (with limes), Heineken, and Dos Equis.

Lo and behold, dude that recommended BL Lime was happily guzzling it. I told him that I brought them for him and promised to take him for some real beer when you get back. He says he owes us a 6-pack.