Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Paris, Later on April 8th, How much for the Kronen?

Well the Paris crew are into food as much as I'm into beer. So we holla at American Express's concierge service and they hit us with a very trendy, yet fancy restaurant on Rue St. Honore. After getting turned around after some bad directions, we find the restaurant and proceed to the bar for drinks waiting for our table to open up.

Kronenburg 1664

Eating Homemade Chips (salty)

Well they say that this is the French Budweiser, so I have to check it out at some point for journalistic integrity. And it had better be good, as this place is charging me 14 Euros per bottle. The bottle is very interesting, as it's a rectangular prism with rounded edges. Better be nice for 14 Euros. With the presentation and glass, I figure that this is the best Kronen I'll ever taste. The color is straw. I'm not getting much of a scent. I'll go with medium body, medium-high carbonation, low hops, and no real aftertaste. It's being served pretty cold, which I'm sure is par for the course with this one. Compared to the "Great American Lager", I would say it's more bready, but just as much rice. Certainly not worth 14 Euros, especially with the exchange rate of about $1.57 at the time.

The restaurant screwed us over on the reservation, as we waited for at least an hour and a half in the bar. So we give them a piece of our mind without getting ghetto, and hike over to an awesome seafood joint.

Later on at the apartment I try the infamous...

Desparados I think from Brasserie Fisher

Status: Full off oysters, chilling, lingering apple pie flavor

Served in a 250 ml wine glass (all we had)

Smells like Sprite and slight tequila, a bad dark straw color with white fleeting head. It's very clear. On tasting it, it reminds me of Miller Chill with the lime, no malt/hops, quick finish. Basically, it's like Sprite with alcohol.

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