Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Guys, I need more Cowbell

Beer Log: March 6, 2008
State: Hungry

I've taken a couple days off from tasting, as I'm getting ready for a Marathon, which I probably will be too beat up to run, but the wife did have a bottle of some Vanilla Porter in there. She really really hated it, claiming waaaaay too much vanilla. What's up with these guys and the damn vanilla. First the Winter's Cask and Ale, and now this. Well, with a bias from the wife, I'm going in there.

Breckenridge Brewer's Vanilla Porter
A gorgeous deep dark brown color, with a tan strong head. I'm getting excited about this 'un. Coffee and light chocolate on the smell. I gave it a vigorous pour, so I'm smelling a little malt in there. First thing I'm getting is that it's kind of grainy on my tongue, not cool. Coffee and choco on the flavor with the rudimentary roasted malt. It' actually kinda hoppy with full-medium body. I don't know what the hell my wife was thinking, but the vanilla is not too bad. Oh yeah, I'm drinking it very cold. And now it has warmed up, and there's the vanilla and plenty of it. Here's the problem, the whole time I drank it my face was a bit cringed, and didn't relax until I finished it. It's that graininess. Not the best porter out there.

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