Sunday, March 2, 2008

Live post: The Maharaja Himself

Beer Log: March 2, 2008
State: Full and slight dehydrated

Once upon a time called right now, I've got a 22 ounce Imperial India Pale Ale. Yeah. It's from Avery in Colorado. Very cool design, with some foil on the top. A big A. Enough of this ish talking, this is what the guy at Central Market called the most bitter beer on the shelf.

The Maharaja Imperial India Pale Ale
I poured it managed to get 3 fingers of head. I've got a big flower scent coming off of it. Slightly cloudy, with a good dark straw color. Head is nearly white and pops in decent sized bubbles. I can smell that bitterness on there. This is serious stuff. Not much lace on the head surprisingly. Oh that's bitter. Good and some balance of malts in there. That's why I effing love IPAs, they aren't bitter for sake of being bitter. Some bitter aftertaste as well, that's cool though. It's not too cold, as we let it sit in the bottle for a minute. Nearly full bodied, with a nice head on it. Sadly I only have a 12 ounce mug, and this one comes in 22. I can feel a touch of the alcohol in the taste is it continues to warm. Nice stuff. Good show. That's why I married the woman I married. I lament the lack of bitter beer, and she delivers.

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