Sunday, July 29, 2012

Texas Pint Nite at the Sugarland Saucer

Love coming to City Walk on a nice Sunday.  Got the Dressage on the screen, great AC, could always do a little restaurant hopping and shopping.  But most of all it's Texas Pint Nite, and the Flying Saucer in Sugarland is plenty family friendly enough.

Beer log: Right now
State: Hungry, hanging out with the family at the Saucer. Watching the Olympics.

Buffalo Bayou Wit da Eff
A new one from the boys on the Bayou. Anyway, let's see.  Beer has a nice clear tinged straw color with a light head.  Not much of a nose beyond some light banana.  The flavor however has a great banana and spicy character to it.  Will came up to us and tells us it's actually basil.  An interesting spice for a Belgian wit or German hef.  I still remember when someone at Saint Arnold busted my ass on this blog for confusing the German Hefeweizen style with the Belgian Wit style on the first release of Weedwacker, so I guess I'll call this one a bit of both.  This beer however is perfect for the hot summers we've have in these parts.  Kinda wish I had this one while I was kayaking on the Buffalo Bayou.  High 3 stars.

Ok that Dressage was boring as all get out.  Not the beach volleyball women are wearing full singlets (must be cold out there) instead of what they normally wear, next to nothing.  Moving on.

Deep Ellum Double Brown Stout
Big black with a tan head.  When I ordered this puppy I'm thinking I'm getting a brown ale, turns out it's Baltic Porter to Imperial stout.  Not that I'm complaining.  Beer has a great light roasted coffee grounds nose to it, maybe a pinch of sweet chocolate going.  It tastes the same, like a bitter coffee with a dry and chalky aftertaste.  It's very drinkable with low carbonation.  The dry feeling makes one want to drink more.  Otherwise, it reminds me more of a regular english porter than a baltic porter.  But maybe that's just me.  High 2 stars.

Austin Beerworks Flying Headbutt
Slightly cloudy tinged straw with a bubbly yet thin head white.  Kind of like the Brazilian women's beach volleyball team.  Beer has a slightly acidic and grapefruit hop flavor.  Beer tastes very crackery at first, like non-saltine crackers.  After that it's a little hoppy and dry.  I'm not getting much malt here.  Just a bitterness without much backbone. You'll have no CLUE that this beer is 10% ABV until you stand up from your chair, so be careful.  Otherwise the beer comes off kind of flat to me.  First 2 star beer I've had from the Beerworks boys.  The beer gets more enjoyable as a summer drinking beverage the more one drinks it.  Nothing too bold, which may actually be the idea.


Austin Beerworks said...

Dear Beer Brotha,

It sounds like you might have been delivered the wrong beer. Flying Headbutt is dark red.

It also has a pretty strong caramel/toffee malt backbone and finishes fairly sweet.

The taste is more subjective, but the color shouldn't be.

Please humor us and try a sample of it the next time you see it. We just want to be sure you tried the right beer. Thanks!

The American Don said...

Perhaps it was. I'll have to try it again elsewhere.

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