Saturday, January 9, 2010

Philadelphia's getting Nut Browned...

Sitting here watching some Backyardigans. Was supposed to be at Yardhouse and then a house party, but the baby is sick. No big deal. At least after this I can watch the Iggles-Cowgirls game.

Beer Log: Right now
State: Slight headache, just polished off 4 slices of stuffed crust pizza

Warm Welcome Nut Browned Ale
Clear and golden colored. Nose is a touch malty sweet and veggie like. The taste is a touch malty sweet and veggie like. Crisp with a sweet brown sugar after taste. Goes down kinda easy. A touch of sourness as it warms up, like a lemon thing. I'll take it for an english style brown ale. Not much in the way of nuts. Just a pinch of hops in the aftertaste. Nice. 3 Stars for the gentlemen at Ridgeway.

Well, we're over hear hoping Philly beats the Boys.

Beer Log: And a half hour later
State: Headache, need more beer.

Well Dallas is about to go up 21-7 and this will really suck. We're still high on the Texans showing up and getting 'er done against Nengland. So to help channel some energy to the Eagles...

Mad Anthony APA from Erie Brewing in Erie, Pennsylvania
Ok this is really eerie. As soon as I pour the beer Romo throws two incomplete passes and now Dallas will have to kick the field goal. Clear with tinged gold and big head. Nose is kinda hoppy and malty, but not much. The beer has a strong citrus hop without much malt to balance. Also, it seemed a little watery. Second draught gets rid of the wateriness, but doesn't help with the malt.

Mike Vick just turned the ball over while I was reading up on this beer on Erie's website. Should have known something was going to happen when this beer claimed a balance of hops and malt. Now Dallas is first and goal. Dammit all.

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