Sunday, January 10, 2010

A couple of beers before Monday

Well, we have some of these supposedly historic recipe beers. Not sure where the wife picked these up, but I do know that historic recipes are historic for a reason. But it's always interesting to see what the boys at MDII.

This pours caramel color with a quickly fading tan head. The nose is a light malt. The bottles says this beer has caramel malts, black malts, and so forth. I get a touch of caramel but a sourness and cardboard. Maybe just a function of how longs it's been sitting wherever it was. Otherwise, it crisp yet pretty watery. Low 2 Star. Funny. The recipe on the bottle made it sound like Sam Adams Boston Lager, and the taste is like Michelob Light. Damn shame. And beer advocate has it as a bock.

Dogfish Head Fort
Well let me get that taste out of my mouth with some good old Dogfish head. This beer looks kinda reddish while in the bottle, and it is now a reddish as you would think. The smell is raspberry'd up and the taste is the same. Only pure raspberry juice has more sweetness and bitterness. I think they messed around a let some stems into the mash. Oh it's real. It comes off medium to full bodied out of my champagne flute. Also you can sense the plum taste of alcohol. Not taste, just sense. The raspberry just totally overpowers the Warrior hops. Maybe cuts the sweetness enough so it's not too cloying and syrupy. 4 Stars for the men using a ton of raspberries in their beer.

Perfect beer to give to a special lady in your life. And at 18% Alcohol content you can get her fired up for a long night. Need to make sure the wife finish the bomber. Oh it's real. Also probably a killer dessert drink.

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