Saturday, January 2, 2010

Beer Brotha Sports Review: End of Year

Right now I'm drinking the Shiner Frost, a dortmunder export. Not bad, but a basic Dortmunder.

Beer Log: Right now

State: Chilling out watching Kai-lan, wishing I could watch the Independence bowl, but the baby has the TV controller.

Harpoon Winter Warmer
Well, the wife already poured out the rest of hers in my glass, claiming I can afford the extra calories and she doesn't want to waste her WW points on bad beer. Nose is heavy on pineapple, cinnamon, malt, and ginger. Dark copper color and clear. For about 1.7 seconds, you get a nice cinnamon spicy beer, then a get a RUSH of ginger, ginger, and more ginger. Followed up by smoked malt without the pork, some cinnamon, and red clay dirt. If there's anything I can't stand, it's smoked malt. 1 Star. I'll still finish it, and will see if it changes while I bitch about the sports of 2009.

So I'm here thinking of the year in sports. I didn't tailgate all but twice, which is terrible. I'm actually going to use Saint Arnold's tailgate as a backup for next years Texans games. Our year was decorated with f7ck. We probably have the most high powered offense but our coach makes them turn off the gas after one half of football and scoring big points. Kubiak needs to just open up some arteries next year and just let our team keep scoring. Don't let these teams come back on us. Screw respect. I want us to just score touchdowns going into Tuesday morning if we have to. Hopefully everything falls into place and we make the playoffs after the minstrel show we put on this season.

The Dynamo had a good run but we did not win any trophies this year, and thus will not be in the Concacaf this year. I'm still jealous that Seattle has so much fan support. Well Houston has the Lesbian Mayor (damn that's hot) and she's up for the Dynamo getting the new stadium. We just need to yokels that live out in the county to pony up their $10 million and we're in there.

Looks like Tiger Woods had the worst year of all. Didn't win a major, and lost pretty much all respect in the non golfing community. But at least I'll make money off of this. The major sponsoring companies of Nappy Woods are down a good $12 Billion in stock value. Sounds like a few major companies, with great products, that are not in financial trouble, and are yet UNDERVALUED. I can't wait until Monday to snatch up some of that stock. Hellz yeah.

Otherwise, a fun yet sad year in the Don Taylor Sports Association. Right now I'm up in the Superbowl in our fantasy league. Sadly the commish set it up to where we have an aggregate score for the last two weeks. Why anyone would have any fantasy games on the last week of the season, knowing full well the playoff teams are going to be throwing games to prep for the playoffs. Oh well. Holla.

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