Friday, January 25, 2008

Vanilla Anyone?

Beer Log: December 23, 2007 at night
Status: Full off spaghetti

Hanging out with my boy from the old college days, I wanted to convert him to a beer man like myself. Turns out we beer knurds always like to do that to people. He ONLY drinks Corona. He also is a big New York Yankees fan, very stereotypical Rican, assuming all Peurto Ricans marry Korean/Black women. So I saw a Winter Ale in the grocery store and picked it up. Talk about assault...

Winter's Bourbon Cask & Ale:
Yup, the St. Louis boys make a Winter Seasonal. Interesting, considering A-B is now marketing that Budweiser is the best shit as "you cannot hide errors" in a beer that clear (quite possibly the stupidest marketing claim one can make next to "Restless Leg Syndrome").

I now know for a fact that the "mistakes" to which they were referring were their OWN when they do a craft beer. This stuff is aged in a Bourbon Cask, which is why I had to try it. I'm also working on developing a scotch palette in addition to beer and wine. Can you say "big gut".

On to the beer... the beer poured quickly in a beer mug, nice dark copper color. I can still smell the vanilla and bourbon. On first taste, we are talking HARSH bourbon. Only followed by a HARSHER vanilla flavor. These dudes did not make vanilla flavored beer, they made beer flavored vanilla. It had a silty texture on the drinkability. Now I wouldn't be surprised if this was good as a beer float with vanilla ice cream. But damn, ain't no beer dark enough to hide all that vanilla.

My wife, the Choqlit Stout, says one word: nasty.

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