Saturday, May 26, 2012

UFC 146 Beering

Going to be doing some serious beering here at the house while watching UFC 146: Heavyweights.

Rahr and Sons Winter Warmer
This bottle is maybe 3 years old.  Poured into a pint glass with a light carbo.  I first thought that it lost its carbonation and I needed to pour it out.  But rather it's pretty pleasant.  No nose but a nice light chocolate and cinnamon with a nice pinch of coffee.  Is extremely smooth and goes does very nicely.  I get a light sourness and whatnot, not sure if that's supposed to be there, but I'll take it.  Low 3 Stars.

I'm stuck with the baby tonight so I have to watch this on PPV at the house.  The wife came in early tonight, so hopefully she can sleep through it, because I'm going to be fired up.

I called it on twitter.  If Struve got this puppy to the ground, he would win this fight.  He damn near broke Big Lavar's arm.  I'm telling you, this entire pay per view will last 90 minutes.  I still didn't finish my Rahr and Sons.  Damn.  The blackfolk are down one already.  Just 1:05 into the first fight.

So Del Rosario got the elbow of death in the fight.  Ok, now it's time for the Overhand Right of my main man Big Country.  I need more beer.

Widmer Dark Saison
Nice brown color yet kind of clear.  Big light tan head.  I'm rooting for Big Country hard here.  Nice ginger snap cookie smell on this beer.  Light metal in this one, but otherwise a nice faint lemony zip and bready banana thing going on.  Feels good otherwise on the tongue.  Not quite at the level of the Independence Brewing Saisons, but I can give Widmer a pass as they don't have the same distance to travel as a brewery in Austin. Low 3 Stars.

Man I'm fired up all over the place.  KO from Big Country, KO from Dan Hardy, KO from Jamie Varner.  Call this one UFC 146: The Concussions.  This is absolutely fabulous.  I need another beer.

Lazy Magnolia Deep South
Hell yeah some quality Reb Ale.  Love the toasty amber ale.  love it more as a lager, but Lazy Mag bring the heat with this one.  Nice toasty malt with a moderate hops.  If I still lived in Mississippi, I would drink this beer everyday and twice on Sunday.  4 Stars.

And speaking of bringing the heat, Cain Velasquez just sent a message to tho the UFC heavyweight division.  He cut up and jacked up Big Foot like a simple gatekeeper.  This UFC is just awesome.  They are beating ass all night long.  And now on to the Main Event.

Game fight for Frank Mir, but Dos Santos was just a BAAAAAAAAAAAD matchup for Mir.  Great Second Round TKO.

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