Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beering in Pittsburgh: Go Local

So it turns out they let me back at another NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) Conference, this time in sunny Pittsburgh. I know why NSBE insists on having these conferences in March in the midwest, but this is killing me. Last year we were snowed up in St. Louis. This year it's frigid Pittsburgh. Next year in balmy Indianapolis, and then Nashville. Whatever happened to New Orleans. Anyway moving on.

In between working at the conference, we do like to check out the local flavor of the city, and of course that means we go local with the beer. So let's begin...

Beer Log: March 28, 2012

Right on the corner of 6th and Penn (creative eh?), this place was very hip. Lot's of beautiful people all over the place, drinking it up on a Wednesday afternoon. Anyway, they only had two locals ... hold up

Beer log: Right now
State: watching Drinking made Easy with the wife

Widmer Dark Saison
Just picked this up from Specs. It is in fact a dark brown color but is rather clear. Light white head. The wife was drinking it but she wasn't feeling it, so she gave me the rest of her beer. Light estery with caramel malt nose. The taste has that classic sour saisonness that we like, with a light grittiness to the body, which I like in my saisons. I get a very faint caramel malt (for all that color especially) and the beer finishes with a funky sour bitterness. I think it should be a little colder, but I'm not digging this one too much. I fear this beer has fallen into the category of beer that I used to love but just can't get into these days, Dunkels. Beers that are typically light that they darken up with more malt. Anyway, the more you drink it you a very nice soft banana and passion fruit, but it is fleeting. I'm sure I'll still find a home for it, but give me High 2 stars.

Ok back to Pittsburgh

I am very much looking forward to this Nut Brown ale, as apparantly it's kind of a big deal in these parts. I get a beer that's deep brown in color with a very thin white head. Nose has hints of chocolate, moderate nuttiness and something like dark cherries. Beer is very English to me. Low malt and all. The more I drink it I get something that reminds me of bitter chocolate powder. Not quite the cinnamon challenge or anything. The beer is rather dry and a bit sour. Not digging this one. Low 2 Stars. Not going to lie, I got with the Victory Hop Devil (which was also everywhere) the rest of the night. Also, I've never been a Nut Brown guy (no homo).

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