Sunday, April 1, 2012

Back from Pittsburgh, beer with the wife

Beer Log:
Sunday night
State: Chilling with some spicy crawfish

Big big head on a kind of cloudy. Beer has a great grassy nose with some pine in there. Taste is a big extra hoppy beer. Lots of grassy hops and a moderate caramel cookie thing. I think we
accidently aged this one as I like to wolf down the fresh hoppers ASAP. Anyway, I still find it very very pleasant. 4 stars.

About an hour later. Watching Game of Thrones.

beer has a big yet effervescent head with a orangish cloudy color. Gotta love that label by the way. Nose is a sour jolly rancher thing going on. On first taste you notice the big carbonation and sour/saltiness. Not sure which farmhouse we're talking about here but the light candy sweetness seems to really help. Thinking candy of I'm thinking that Halloween gum for which the flavor lasts. Low 4 stars.

How soon you should drink Fresh Hop beers

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