Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paris in Conroe? Le Mort Vivant

So I was waltzing through the Specs near my house and it turns that Southern Star has a new seasonal. This thing totally missed my gaze before, so I copped a 4 pack and promptly drank two of them. Now the official review.

Beer log: Right now

State: Anti-multitasking talking to a friend of mine on the phone while trying to blog.

Le Mort Vivant by Southern Star

Beer comes in a 12 ounce can with a cool looking design. Cloudy amber with a slightly tinged offwhite head. Nose has a little bit of cinnamon, caramel and a pinch of sour apple. Beer has thin body with high carbonation. The flavor while fleeting is pretty refreshing. I need to think hard about what I had in Paris a few years ago, but I am more into this. Beer leaves my mouth dry and chalky with something akin to apple and sour apple, but very subtle. Subtle flavors and refreshing beer must mean we are coming up on my favorite time of the year for beer, Spring. I hope to have my new kegerator fabbed up and ready to go in time to score some serious spring bock. Hell I may get two. So the beer flavor has a bit of grainy malt and very low hops. I'm sure they put some hops in there, b/c ya just gotta. I'm going to give this a low 3 star. Probably just too cold outside to get the most out of this puppy. Put an indie rock band outdoors in June at Petrol or Hubcap and slap this beer on tap and it may be the best ever.

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