Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beer that makes you Thirsty? Chipotle Porter

Beer Log: Right now
State: Watching some Ultimate Fighter, foot-dragging on decorating the tree

I always have a hesitation with pepper beers. I just don't get too jazzed about heat being in my throat (no homo) after drinking a beer. So this puppy actually stayed in our beer fridge for a couple years. Well here we go. Pour thick and smooth in my porter glass. Deep rich chocolate color and brown thick head. The nose has a great chocolate and coffee smell, but as it warms I'm getting something like pepper. The beer tastes just fine with the bitter chocolate powder, moderate roast, and moderate hops. Full bodied and low carbonation. I'm getting a little heat at the top of my throat that kicks up maybe 60 seconds after you drink the beer.

It's like as the beer residue and chocolate recedes, I'm left with hot pepper on my tongue and throat. Oh damn LSU is whippin up on the Dawgs! While I hate University(sic) of Georgia, I just don't want to hear everyone's mouth at the office when LSU goes to the BCS title game. Back to the beer, it feels like I drank some jalapeno juice and can feel it in my stomach. Otherwise, it works out very well. The pepper feeling does make me want to drink more, but just to kill that pepper. I guess that is just how Mikkeller gets down. Good for them. 3 stars.

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