Sunday, June 26, 2011

True Blood Beering: Brooklyn Black Ops

Beer Log: Right now
State: Watching the new True Blood. Finally got the baby to sleep.

Very fired up for another round of True Blood. Here's to hoping they don't jump the shark with this one.

The wife picked this up some time ago and we had it in our cellar for quite some time. Looking forward to this. Pours velvety smooth with a rich dark look and texture. The nose is excellent with dried cherries, plum, and bourbon. Huge tan head that eventually calms down. The taste is a huge sweet sherry, bourbon, and some light dark cherries. The second sip and I can pick out the big oak flavor as well, as that is what dominates the aftertaste. Just an excellent drink that is aged enough to the point where get some moderate noticeable hot alcohol to it. The hops are probably rather strong just to cut the velvet sweetness of it all. It gets pretty strong as it warms with the alcohol. Apparently not aged enough. Damn those ferries are throwing psych bombs at each other. There's suspending belief, and there's suspending belief. High 3 stars.

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HolzBrew said...

Beautiful picture. I bet the beer wasn't so bad either.