Sunday, June 26, 2011

A little Uncommon Common

Beer Log: Right now
State: Eating some baked beans with broccoli and steak, watching Bellator on DVR

Sierra Nevada California Common
Only had one take on the Cal Common ever, of course Anchor Steam. Anyway the wife picked this up in a party pack of Sierra Nevada Camp Beers. Copper color with high mist and white head. Nose is something between a malty vegetable. Kinda like the food I'm eating now. I still don't really like veggies, but I just mix them in with something so I can scarf them down. Hence the sweet baked beans and broccoli. Taste has a nice cookie malt thing going on that wasn't there with my first few sips. Nice amount of carbonation to cut the caramel and pecan sweetness with a moderate hops (very uncharacteristic of SN). I never quite got into the Cal Common style as I felt it never took you one way or the other, kinda like the Alt Bier in bizarro world. I'm even getting a little chalkiness coming through on the mouthfeel residue. Low 3 stars.

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