Monday, May 23, 2011

Lips of Faith Dunkel Weiss

New Belgium Lips of Faith Dunkel Weiss
Beer Log: Right now
State: Feeling good, eating spicy pork chop and green beans

Pours a deep brown with the head falling over itself like a Guiness. Good mix of sweet caramel malt and the banana esters. Head is sticky and lacy, light tan. Also that's some good chop. This one has a nice maple syrup and steely malt thing going on as it warms up. I like how smooth is and whatnot. no homo. Something about Dunkel Weisses just kinda rub me the wrong way (nullus), and I never got over it. After Divine Reserve 7, everything else is blah. I like the light banana and high carbo of the German Wiesse, or the caramel crisp of a dunkel lager. Just can't put them together and put up an elite beer. Maybe someone will prove me wrong. Low 3 stars.

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