Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where I've Been

Haven't been blogging or tweeting in a while. Plenty of beers have come my way since last blogginig, including the EXCELLENT beers at the Stone Beer Dinner and the Camp Beer Stoutapalooza. I've just been burned out recently with the job, trying to submit a paper for a technical conference, planning 3 different "diversity" events, still running the investment club, entertaining the parents and inlaws for my daughters birthday party, and of course some beer reviews and blogging. Something had to give, and the blog was what was it. Too bad too as we have a new fridge in our garage and we promptly filled it up with the huge amount of bombers and specialty beers we have all over the kitchen. Not to mention our regular fridge broke, we're trying to get the roof fixed, and the wife is busting my chops about getting a new car and a new house in some far away neighborhood way north of town.

I'm finally getting my nose above water with all the work going on, and I may get some good blogging going on. I've just visited an old friend's new bar "Zanzibar" at the old Westheimer Pub location. And lo and behold she had some Shiner Oktoberfest and a couple other good beers on bottles. Maybe she could use a Cicerone.

On to the beer, as I've said I have been drinking some fantastic beer. Just finished off another can of Modus Hoperandi by Ska. Great beer right out of the can. Med-light body, great malt/hop balance, but a rather West Coast beer. Finishes a little dry, which is fine. Low 4 star. I've been running away from the dunkel and malty lagers/ales. I need crisp, I need big hops balanced with malt. I've actually been in the mood from some citrus/acidic IPAs like the Snake Dog IPA I had at Alamo Drafthouse.

Anyway, great reviews to come. Great travel on the way to San Francisco and Indianapolis. Maybe a quick trip to Austin as well. Looking forward to it all. Holla.

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