Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beerbrotha Sports Review: Send in the Clowns

So I'm sitting here drinking a Franziskaner Weissbier in my Munich Stein while watching some Carolina Panthers football. They are taking on Drewbreesiana and the Saints, and we are not expecting too much out of Carolina this year. Therefore, I'm not a nervous wreck like when Carolina was winning and I could barely stand to watch a game. Pretty much wrap up my beer a good 24 hours before I'm scheduled to fly out offshore tomorrow afternoon.

This weekend was pretty bad for the Don Taylor Sports Association. I swear I am rooting for a team full of CLOWNS!!! Florida A&M didn't even show UP against South Carolina State. We aren't even going to SNIFF the playoffs this year. Georgia Tech actually managed a great come from behind victory against the powerhouse Wake Forest football team. We actually had to pass the ball. Not to mention that Tiger Woods still sucks. Today the Texans take on the Raiders, and as an added bonus I've got the McNabb/Vick game on Fox today and the Negro Bowl.

Actually, I'm still recovering from last weekend. FAMU lost to Tennessee state which hasn't lost to them since I was in college. GT lost. Carolina Panthers: lost. The Texans straight up lost to the GD Cowboys. And all the tailgating and whatnot threw off my sleeping schedule and made me a fricken zombie all week. Damn shame. Not to mention the Dynamo have been stinking it up all year. Hell, even all the black guys lost in the K-1 Grand Prix. I mean, is it basketball season yet? The contrarion in me is going to root for the Miami Heat this year, just b/c everyone else hates them.

I've really just been drinking what we have in the house these days. Lots of local stuff, some Weissbier, IPAs, a little homebrew. When going out on the town, I'm switching from Pilsners to Citrus/Acidic IPAs. I want the strength to go along with the cooler months, but I just can't stand dunkel and malty cloying beers. I'm still in the mood for crispness baby. So no big IPA, just Modus Hoperandi and Flying Dog Snake Dog. Holla back, halftime is almost over.


Dom said...

I love the blog...can Imperial Audacious apricot ale get a little love?

The American Don said...

I know there is an Audacious Apricot by Pyramid (used to be just Pyramid Apricot Ale or something like that). I know I've had it many a time. Great flavor, especially when it's hot outside, but the carbonation was always a little too high for me.