Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beerbrotha Sports Review: NCAA WKU vs MVSU. More Brown than Black

Oh Lord Jesus!

When I sat down to write about an in depth post about some grand personal beer experiences I had a year ago in Saint Louis. I'm talking careers and counselors and money and martial arts and tears and empty apartments and drunken weekdays and smokey rooms and.... But we'll save that for later.

While I'm here, I figure I'll go ahead and fire up the Mississippi Valley State play-in game. I'm brimming with Black College pride as MVSU from the SWAC is destroying the Toppers from Western Kentucky. They put my school FAMU in this jacked up play-in game a few years back and I'm glad we won. Every year we get a Black School in the Play-in and all of us Black College Alums gather up our pride to root on our brethren.

As I sit here there are only 2:15 minutes left in the game and things have gone to hell in a hand basket. The Delta Devils are falling apart like a house of cards in the last 5 minutes. And add to that, THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT IS IN THE DAMN CROWD! This is a mess.

The wife is getting a beer for me to review in a minute, but while I'm here, let's rant a bit about the status of Black College Sports....

Is it not true that you only need like 3 good players to have a DECENT team. Is it not true that 98% of the best basketball players in the country Black? Is it not true that teams with hardly any gym at all is fielding decent teams (say Fordham). How is it that WE are the BOTTOM of the BARREL every damn year in Black College Basketball. It's not like football where you have to have castle-like field houses, epic stadiums, whores posing as co-eds, and 40,000 member booster clubs. It's just basketball.

Ok here we go, 40 seconds left and WKU gets the shot and the foul. If you are going to foul, take his KNEECAPS out. This is so much fail right now.

If you asked me 5 years ago what would we have first, an HBCU that was a 10 seed in the NCAA's or a Black President? I mean come on. And the game is OVER! And the President is leaving the game! Damn damn shame.

Beer Log: Right now
Beer State: Watching Real Time with the wife and pissed off

More Brown than Black IPA by Stone/Ninkasi/Alchemist
I can get a whiff of those hops a full 3 feet away from me. I can see the deep brown beer has a very very lacy tan head. The beer has a very strong pine and grapefruit and grassy hop nose. Barely any hops fitting in there. This beer is incredibly good and balanced. The hops are as strong as the nose, but it works well with the darker roasty malts. I'm getting what would likely normally be strong roast, coffee, and caramel with a pinch of toast, but those hops are just killer. The beauty is that this beer is nice and dry enough that you can drink a lot of it. The ABV is 7.4% which is a bit high for session beering, but damn it works for me. As one's tongue gets used to impact (no homo), it gets to be like a beer cookie thing. I wouldn't be surprised if they snuck a few oats in there as well. You know what, give me 4 stars, a high 4 stars.

Feel free to read here about the story of this beer.

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