Saturday, September 3, 2011

Game Live Blog: Fort Valley (Sweetwater) vs. Florida A&M (Cigar City)

So it's finally FAMU football time and we are stumbling out of the gate. We are playing against Division II Fort Valley State. For all 2 of you that read my blog that are in fact black, you may know all about Black College Football. I am a FAMU alum and a rabid FAMU football fan. My wine doesn't taste as sweet whenever FAMU loses. So here we go.

FAMU goes down early to FVSU (no homo) and after a virtual minstrel show of cacophonic buffoonery on the field by FAMU, the Rattlers manage to start pulling away at the half. FVSU 12, FAMU 21. I'm actually still polishing off my Saint Arnold Bock for U of H beating the Bruins, but I'll take one for the team and pour another beer.

OH NO, the CC Maduro is a GUSHER!!!!!!!! Beer is infected, still foaming up 5 minutes after I opened it. For those new to the beer world, that typically means we got some bacteria that got into the beer and it will taste uber-sour and terrible. Happens. Let's get Infected

Thrilling game. We took this D2 school to the wire and messed around and won a 95 yard touchdown. I'm getting a beer.

Cigar City Jose Marti
Pours very smooth with a huge tan head, brown and opaque. Taste is a bold malt, roast, and dammit if that's not cigar flavor. I may even have some bourbon and oak in there. Just blown away at the melody of flavor! The aftertaste leaves a bitter coffee bean/hop thing in there. Not bad at all. Bold, yet with a smooth flavor and moderate body. Not cloying at all. I may call this the first 5 star porter I've ever had. Ok, after one more sip, this amazing beer is right there. Just has it all for me. 5 Stars. One of the best I've had all year.


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