Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dogzilla; what kind of nose is that

Beer Log: Right now
State: Chilling, ready for a cigar, a brew, and a little linkedin-ing.

Dogizilla Black IPA
So i open this beer up and before I even pour it I get all kinds of sour cherries, brett, and soda esters. The beer pours well with high carbo and a deep mahogony, but it comes out with more of that nose. Oh that's disgusting. I think this one is infected. I just did a search on beeradvocate and a few of the folks on there may have had the same issue I have. I smuggle this thing all the way from St. Louis and it must be infected or something. Just terrible. I'm trying to chug down at least one glass, but I think we have a problem Houston. Let's try something else and let this thing be for cooking.

Ok, got that out of the way, I'm getting some Warrior IPA. Had this one a couple years back but never reviewed. Instead I slammed the whole bomber.
State: Still got that Dogzilla taste in my mouth (that's what she said, oh).

Left Hand Warrior IPA
Now that's the stuff. Reddish and amber, low head. Nose has strong malt almost like a nugget or something. Also very pine resin like. Nice moderate hops on a beer I probably aged too long. Should probably drink fresh hop beers fresh. Pleasant otherwise. Good big malt but the hop bite has probably vacated the premises. No rating.

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HolzBrew said...

Warrior IPA is all killer, no filler.