Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Time out for Matilda

Beer Log: Right now
State: A little upset, sitting outside on the porch with a bowful of grapes, an unlit champagne cigar, and my Good Morning Heartache Pandora channel.

So it was an ok day today, and I'm looking forward to a long unplugged vacation. To chillax, I'm going to enjoy a bottle of the Matilda I smuggled back from Chicago.

Light hazy tinged amber color with a low head. I get a bouquet of flowers, lillies, lilacs, and so forth in the nose. Some great sourness as well, like jolly ranchers. Beer has a nice set up in the taste, a moderate sourness but not overpowering, followed by a light candy sweetness, some passion fruit thing, and then a mild yet noticeable hop tinge. A perfect medley of flavors that are not quite put together yet. Kinda like a fresh wine before they aged it for 30 years. And actually, I love that sometimes more than the fully aged version. Beer finishes nice and crisp and dry, leaving memories of it's goodness on your tongue well after you drink it. 4 stars for the Goose Island 2011 Vintage.

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